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Leo running with Rosie 070216Our gorgeous Leo has yet to find his perfect forever home… can you help him find it, or could it even be with you? He is nearly 23 months old, adores people, loves children having grown up around them, and also loves playing with other dogs. We’re often asked if he can live with cats, sadly that is not going to be possible as he thinks they’d make a very tasty snack!

Please watch this short video to get an idea of how stunning he is, and have a look at where there is much more information. If after reading all about him you think you are a match made in heaven, please get in touch on 07983 578176, or email

Leo is fully vaccinated, castrated, microchipped and is currently in Bury, near Rochdale, but he can go anywhere to his perfect forever home as long as you will come visit him. You’ll obviously need to bring any resident dogs to see what they think of each other! We are sure you will fall in love with him as everyone does, it really is impossible not to :-) please tell everyone you know about him if you can’t take him yourself, let’s get him home once and for all! Thanks for reading xx


Welcome to My Forever Home Animal Rescue, and thank you for visiting our website. My Forever Home is a small all-animal rescue operating initially on the West Midlands/Staffordshire border, and in Manchester, with plans to extend nationwide in the future (some way down the line, possibly after a large lottery win!).

We are supposed to be a nation of animal lovers but judging by the daily neglect which shows itself in the huge number of dogs taken to stray pounds, the amount of dogs people pass on via completely unregulated ‘small ads’, together with the truly awful acts of animal cruelty occasionally reported in the news, you would never believe it.

For example, did you realise that stray dogs can and are put to sleep (PTS) just seven days after arriving at the pound? We have been amazed that this is such an unknown fact, even amongst animal owners. Out of more than 126,000 estimated strays, from the Dogs Trust’s 2011 Stray Dog Report, over 7,100 were put to sleep, which means that on average, 20 dogs die every single day of the year. As not all local authorities respond to their questionnaire however, we believe the real figure to be much, much higher. When did an animal’s life become so worthless?

MFH looks forward to the day when no animal is put to sleep simply because of a lack of space or money. This is what we work towards, in a variety of ways. We will help some of these unwanted animals find new loving homes, and will also work to change people’s attitudes towards animals, which after all have feelings and characters of their own as every pet owner knows.

We may be starting out small but we are doing this the right way, and definitely have big long-term ambitions. We would love you to read more about our aims and objectives.

We very much hope you enjoy looking around our website and will support us in whatever way you are able. We are very grateful indeed of anything and everything our supporters do for us; whether it be financial, moral, or practical help it is all equally appreciated and also equally needed. All of us at MFH would like to say a heart felt ‘thank you’ and we promise we will never take you for granted or ask for more than you can give.

We would also love to hear your opinions and suggestions about ways we can improve our website; it is very much a ‘work in progress’ right now! In fact as we’ve been so busy helping animals since we started in the summer of 2011, the website has been sadly lacking in being updated! We’re now going to be doing a complete overhaul, moving to a new template, when we get a chance, which will then have information about many more of the hundreds of cats and dogs we’ve helped – and we couldn’t have done that without you, so thank you :)

Very few if any people will ever give you the unwavering devotion your pet shows you without question every day. Together we believe we can help more people realise just how rewarding it is to share your life with them. Thank you once again for visiting My Forever Home, and for loving your animals as you do.

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