This is a huge need for us, to enable us to achieve our seriously ambitious goals. We thought it might be interesting for people to see what goes in to setting up a new charity, so some of our initial needs are listed below (we have now, in November, achieved some of these; others, we’ll be waiting a long time for unless we somehow fluke that lottery win everyone dreams of!):

  • Stationery, cards, flyers, car stickers etc – so we can start to bring people to our website and get some vital support going. We’ve been told our ideas and plans are brilliant, and obviously there are many hundreds of animals in need of help right now, but if no-one knows about us we won’t get very far!
  • Tables, banners and display equipment for the various events we have planned. Again this is vital to gather support and we want to project the most professional image we can, as this is a very serious venture for all concerned. [Update: we now have a lovely array of tables thanks to the lovely Tom at]
  • Sign-writing for our recently-purchased MFH van.
  • T-shirts & hoodies displaying our logo so people can easily identify us. [Again, we now have a few of these, more needed for when we have bigger events such as the bag-packs, the two we’ve done at Morrisons Willenhall in December 2011 and June 2012 raised over £2,200 in total!!]
  • Funds to produce promotional material, such as this:

  • Coats for Tom and Flynn, our two ‘ambassadogs’, to display when out and about with us at events such as the 26 mile sponsored walk we did in August 2011. [Still needed 🙁 ]
  • Charity buckets to take with us at events such as above. At over £8 each including postage, these are more expensive than you’d think!

As you can see, we need quite a few more items and more funds to enable us to move on to the next stage, having spent hundreds of pounds of our own money in getting to this point. If you could help with any of the above, either personally or via a business contact you might have, please do contact us ASAP. We are putting a link to all the companies who support us here on our website, so that everyone can see how lovely you are!

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