MFH eBay shop

We have an absolute mountain of items we can sell to raise funds for My Forever Home, both belonging to us and having received kindly donated items.

Whilst this will definitely be a very useful string to our fund raising bow, the time involved in packaging up the items sold, and getting them sent off safely, is something we are concerned we do not have. We are happy to list all the auctions, and supply absolutely everything you might need to pack things securely, so that being the case – do you think you might be able to help with this task please?

If so please do get in touch urgently, as this could be started straight away. You would need to be based either in the West Midlands, or the Greater Manchester area, so that we could regularly visit with the items to be sent off.

Many of the items we have are just too good for the car boots, dog shows, and other fund and awareness raising events we regularly attend, so if we could find a lovely person to do this for us, even for just a short time, we would be so very grateful. At the moment we are starting to build our feedback score, to assist people in trusting that we are who we say we are, and that MFH will indeed receive all income from items sold. This does take time though, but this is a long-term plan so we don’t need to rush anything.

We also have many plans for items to sell on this website, including some very innovative products of our own design, so please do bookmark us and check back regularly. You will probably be amazed at the variety of items we will be listing, our first is likely to be an excellent quality ball launcher, complete with 3 balls (1 new and 2 used tennis balls, as pictured). Whilst this might not be hugely exciting (to us, they certainly are to our dogs!), this is just one product we purchased to sell at a small profit, and there are many others.

On that subject, should you ever see a cracking deal which you think we should know about, please do get in touch. One of our more long-term aims is to have a very successful commercial arm to support probably our largest goal, that of buying our own premises, so any products you might come across which could help get us closer to that goal would be hugely appreciated by everyone at MFH.

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