Looking for a new pet?

The reason we at My Forever Home all do what we do.

Cats, dogs, rabbits and other pets do not ask to be born. They don’t have a choice in where they live. All they can hope for is that they are one of the lucky ones, with loving owners who take good care of them. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of animals aren’t lucky though, and would certainly not pick their owner if they did have a choice.

These are often the poor unfortunates who are abandoned at some point in their life. There are also the very sad cases where an animal has known real love, but for some reason they can no longer stay with their family so need to be re-homed. To our mind the only acceptable reason for this is their owner’s death; “my dog doesn’t match the sofa” isn’t one we will ever accept but has actually happened!

If these animals get a second chance, the best we can hope for is that they arrive at one of the decent places where every effort is made to secure them a rescue space. MFH has great contacts within some of these more caring pounds, so these are the places we work with  to bring animals in need of that second chance to you. As our aims and objectives page says, we also help animals who are being given away on the free ads – something else we’d like to see stopped; animals are not objects to be passed from pillar to post.

As we are absolutely committed to making this a successful and long-lasting rescue, we can only responsibly take in a few animals at a time. Please see our cats and dogs looking for news homes pages for the lucky ones we have in right now. We will not take more animals than we can cope with, so we are able to support both them and our volunteers in the manner we have detailed on this website.

We have seen what happens when so-called ‘rescues’ do over-stretch themselves… animals go unneutered, or even untreated at the vets – we have actually seen this happen at a registered charity established for over 25 years. Shockingly, even with a stated ‘non-destruct’ policy, we even have first hand experience of them putting to sleep dogs because they couldn’t re-home them quickly enough; they became ‘inconvenient’. We absolutely guarantee this will never, ever happen at My Forever Home. For the avoidance of doubt we will state this is NOT the Dogs Trust, who are a brilliant charity that we work with a lot.

If you are looking for a particular animal, having completely thought it through and understand the long-term responsibility of your decision, and one of our current bunch aren’t suitable… then please do get in touch with us so we can start looking for your perfect partner – we have many contacts who could have exactly what you want right now!

To repeat the section from our About page:

If you would like a particular breed, or even a young animal despite knowing the extra work they will be, if you are truly prepared to be there for the rest of their lives, that’s fine:

They are all available out there, and for a fraction of the cost some puppy farmer will charge.

Please – never, ever buy from the free ads!

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