What each animal costs to rescue

We thought it might help people to understand why there needs to be a re-homing donation for each animal – some people think rescue animals should be ‘free’. We will never ever do this, and if you want to know why then please read this but we warn you now, it’s a truly horrific story but one that needs to be understood.

As we will at all times be completely transparent in the way My Forever Home is run, here is a list of some of the costs we could incur for our animals:

  • £70 boarding fees during assessment and vaccination period, if not kept at home
  • £20 initial vet examination, if required separately from being vaccinated
  • £20 dog vaccinations, cats cost more, as we are a rescue we get help with these costs from lovely rescue-friendly vets 🙂 these can be as high as almost £70 out of our local area though
  • £4 microchipping, again much cheaper than usual as we do this ourselves, again out of area can be up to £25 (which I think is a complete rip-off, if I’m honest) 🙁
  • £25 for a cat castration right up to £95 for a larger dog to be neutered, again these are reduced rates. These will be higher if out of the area, where costs can easily be £150 to neuter a bitch
  • £5 worm and flea treatment

Then there are the less visible expenses, for example petrol costs of transporting the animal from wherever it is at risk; this could be hundreds of miles away so could easily cost upwards of £70. Even usual travelling around, to the vets, to take them fun places for walks, buying food, doing homechecks, visiting fosterers etc… at today’s horrendous costs, this is a real problem. Then there’s the MFH van itself, keeping that on the road costs hundreds of pounds each year with all the usual vehicle expenses required. We also have to feed, care for and entertain the cats and dogs whilst in our care, which might sound obvious but our regular trips to the wholesalers generally cost over £200, and you cannot imagine the amount of washing we do. We also provide absolutely everything our wonderful foster carers need (if required), so that’s all food, equipment, bedding, treats… the list goes on.

As you can see, your donation of between £100 (for our older animals) to £180 won’t come even close to covering these costs, and if any animal needs veterinary treatment before we are happy for them to go to a new loving home, then the difference that we will have to fund ourselves could run into thousands of pounds. We’ve taken on dogs that no-one else wanted, like Taz our gorgeous staffy puppy here, who had been kicked and was still suffering months later from a badly healed broken hip.

He was at the vets ready to be put to sleep when we found out about him, and without a moment’s hesitation said we’d take him. We spent hundreds of pounds putting him back together; as you can see here it was a big operation… did he deserve to live any less than any other puppy, who may not have cost us so much? We didn’t think so, which is why our rehoming fees and fundraising events are so important.

There may be occasional situations where we have to spend less on an animal than the donation requested, and whilst it may appear we are making a ‘profit’ on those animals, in reality it would be very hard to exist without them. Seeing animals happily settled like this in their new home makes it all worthwhile, and your chosen pet rather ‘good value’, wouldn’t you agree? 🙂

There is another reason we ask for a rehoming fee. Animals are not cheap to keep, with insurance costs, vet bills – for expected as well as unexpected problems (and then even when insured, there is still the excess to pay), good quality food and bedding, treats and toys to keep them entertained, training, any behavioural issues which could arise that need professional help to resolve… the list of definite and potential costs runs to many thousands of pounds over an animal’s lifetime (this report here is a good unbiased reference showing this). It’s a brutal fact that we have unfortunately now experienced ourselves, people who struggle with the initial comparatively small fee, are the first to return their dogs, and we will not risk that again, which is why we no longer offer any sort of staggered payment option… after all, a dog is not a sofa, and we are not DFS 🙂

So this is why the re-homing donation is there, in order for us to be able to help as many animals as possible, and to help us know you can keep them safe and well cared for, their whole lives through, which is something we are sure all our MFH extended family would want. We would like to add that we will let older animals go for a lower donation (but will still never be ‘free’, as stated above) and in some cases we will have an agreement between us whereby we fund all future vets fees, as older citizens deserve a loving final home every bit as much as the youngsters.

Thank you for your support; without you we simply couldn’t exist. If we weren’t here to help the animal you are considering, who knows where they would have ended up?

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