Our Aims and Objectives

We have a range of aims and objectives for My Forever Home. Some of these are really simple, and some will be more long term.

  • We want to help animals who through whatever circumstances find themselves in need of new forever homes. Often these are dogs in stray pounds, who if unclaimed could be put to sleep after the 7-day period councils have to hold them legally. Also there are a disturbing amount of animals passed around via the free ads, they generally start out being sold for hundreds of pounds but as there are so many dogs being bred now they are just not wanted. People can then get desperate and offer them for less and less, eventually advertising ‘free to a good home’; a lot of the time the owners do no checks so the poor things really could end up anywhere, even as ‘bait’ for dog fighting rings. These animals are therefore just as much a priority for us.
  • Where we cannot directly take an animal into our care, we will use our contacts to try to secure the animal’s safe future; we know a LOT of other people who are as keen to help animals as we are! There’s not enough for the number of unwanted animals, but together we at least can save as many as possible.
  • We would like to think that the children in our country might care enough about animals to actually make a difference in the future , so will be going into schools to give talks on the subject of animal welfare.
  • Similarly, the older generation could have a huge part to play in reducing the number of older animals needlessly put to sleep. As it has been proven that the carers themselves also benefit, we believe this is a brilliant win-win situation for both parties, and so have a ‘Help a Golden Oldie’ project lined up for the future once funding can be secured, as this appears to be the major factor preventing older people from taking in an older animal.
  • We have been approached by a womens’ refuge regarding fostering animals for women who would otherwise stay with an abusive partner – such is their love for their pet. This also requires funding as the unfortunate person in question can generally not help, and this could also be more medium term in nature as obviously we can’t find a new forever home for the animal; they will be wanted back once their owner’s safe future has been secured. If this might be something you feel you would like to help with – either the funding or the fostering – please do get in touch with us. Even if we can only help one person, that really could be as huge as a human life saved. This is therefore an incredibly important area we would love to get more involved with when we have the resources.
  • When we have the funds, we want to open our own rescue sanctuary, and have already got most of the plans for it in place, including who will run it! This is a way down the line of course, barring lottery win or a windfall from a wealthy supporter, but it will happen one day. We will then be able to help animals on a larger scale, although of course we hope that by then we’re not needed. You never know, stranger things have happened!
  • We believe that educating people, especially those in power, about the state of animal welfare is crucial to reducing the amount of unwanted animals permanently in the system, and have various ideas on how to go about this. Obviously this is a seriously difficult task, and it may well again be down the line before we can get this off the ground; it would need a monumental amount of effort and dedicated people to achieve this, possibly even a lifetime’s work. What an amazing day that would be though, when some decent laws are finally brought in, that show we are indeed a nation of animal lovers after all…



We aim to raise £5,000 as soon as possible via all of our varied fund raising efforts, so that we may become a registered charity. We want to achieve this to gain the benefits all registered charities receive, and to start applying for some serious funding, so that our long-term objectives can start to be realised. We also wish to give reassurance to our supporters that we are ethical, trustworthy and very dedicated to achieving our goals and believe this is best achieved by becoming registered.

We also understand some companies can only work with registered charities and as we believe corporate support is key to achieving our longer-term goals, this is a huge motivator to reaching our target – do you think you could help us in any way with this please?

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