Our Working Practices


All prospective homes are visited when all members of the family are present to ensure the animal chosen is right for the family, and just as importantly, that the family are right for the animal. As our name suggests, we are looking for each animal’s perfect ‘forever’ home, not a ‘for the next few weeks/months’ home. We will always be here to help and we will do follow-up home visits to make sure everyone, including your new family member, is completely happy.

No animal will ever leave our care without being:-

neutered – so no further animals can be bred to join the current huge numbers of animals seeking a home. The only time this would not be carried out would be on medical advice. Anywhere which does not do this are basically animal traders, not rescues, because they are allowing their animals to become breeding machines which continue to compound the problem.

vaccinated – so no animal of ours will die an awful death through being unprotected against the various illnesses which can affect them yet are preventable. Vets will carry out this simple procedure very cheaply if the animal comes from a rescue, so the argument that it is too costly is not a good one.

worm and flea treated – because if an animal has these easily preventable diseases they can suffer so much, when it’s completely unnecessary with the variety of simple and cheap treatments available nowadays

microchipped – because we believe caring owners want to be reunited with their lost pets and this is the best and quickest possible way to achieve that.

We believe equally that every owner should be held responsible for the welfare of their pet, and that better laws should be brought in to enforce this. If and when microchipping is made compulsory, and registered owners know they will be held accountable if their pet is found in a poor condition, this should massively reduce the amount of neglect seen – IF the law is enforced properly by the courts.

We believe so strongly in microchipping every pet that we have been trained to carry this procedure out ourselves. Please read more to find out how to get your pet microchipped at rates much lower than you’d pay at your vets, so that if your beloved pet ever somehow gets lost, you won’t have to suffer the agony of not knowing what happened to them.

Once an animal comes into the care of MFH, they will have lifelong protection with us, because if at any time the person who we entrust them to can no longer look after them, they have to be returned to us and will always have a home with us. Once a MFH dog, always a MFH dog! Equally, we have a non-destruction policy, meaning we will never put to sleep any healthy animal, except on veterinary advice.

These are our commitments to our animals, which we will never deviate from, and we believe all rescues should have the same principles. If you know of any rescue that do not do all of the above, which could be considered counter-productive to ‘animal rescue’, ask them why they don’t and if their answer does not satisfy you, please think about whether they truly deserve your support.

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