Transporting – could you be a K9 cabbie?

Or a pussie mobile, not to leave the cats out  🙂

Joking aside, if you have a vehicle and a little (or more) spare time, we are always in need of people to help with transporting animals.

This could range from:

  • trips to and from the local vets for vaccinations or check-ups, to
  • bringing them to our events so as many people as possible get the chance to meet and fall in love with them, to
  • taking them to their foster or forever home, or even
  • helping us get them away from the pound, where they are at risk (for dogs only; as councils are not legally responsible for stray cats, luckily they do not have the 7 day death threat hanging over them).

Again our transporters are fully covered by our insurance policy, fuel costs can be reimbursed whenever required without question, and crates and equipment are provided if needed.

All the team at MFH do regular ‘mercy trips’ from the pounds, and we can honestly say there really is no feeling like it. We often secure the dog on the front seat – unless they are too large, or nervous, when a crate would be more suitable – and you’ll be sitting at some traffic lights (or other situation where you are stationary!), looking at this animal who has very possibly had a quite awful time of it lately but who against all odds is still somehow happy and trusting enough to put their complete faith in you

Knowing you are responsible for getting them out of what can be just horrendous situations – you quite literally have saved their life – and on to the next step in finding their permanent loving home… well, it can only be described as pure unadulterated happiness. Without question it should be prescribed on the National Health Service, and here is a story to prove it:

Jane sometimes suffers from 4 – 5 day headaches, and was not long into a transport run recently when she realised her thumping headache, which had been ever-present for days despite taking all manner of drugs, had completely vanished. For the next couple of hours, until she got home, she had a feeling of complete internal peace, and her headache stayed away entirely, but twenty minutes after returning home it was back full-blast… so that is first-hand evidence, that doing a transport run eases pain not even modern medicine can help!

If you would like to experience such euphoria (legally!), please contact us to have a chat. We promise you will never look back, or be the same again.

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