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Welcome to My Forever Home Animal Rescue, and thank you for visiting our website. My Forever Home (MFH) is a small all-animal rescue based on the West Midlands/Staffordshire border, and we also generally have cats and dogs looking for their forever home in the Manchester area.

The Welly Adventures

Hi there, and thanks for visiting my takeover of MFH! In case you don’t know already, unlikely but possible 😉 I am Welly, an almost 2yo staffy, or Staffordshire Bull Terrier; you’ll see it shortened to SBT. I was born a Londoner but now I am coming to America! The only thing is, I’m very scared of flying, so we’re doing the whole 8,000+ miles without using any commercial flights – I would possibly make an exception for a private jet, if Simon Cowell, Ricky Jervais or Ray Romano are reading this 😉

This handsome chap to the left is Welly, one of our most special dogs. He has taken over our home page, because he wants to let everyone know about the amazing trip he is about to make… a real trip of a lifetime!

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Our usual home page can be found here. Thanks for supporting us on our crazy dream, which we hope will help us towards our next goal, which in turn will help lots more Welly dogs, and other animals too 🙂

NB: You will see little ‘Swiss flag’ boxes on every page… the white cross in a red square – they say ‘reddit this!’, and if you could please be so kind as to click those as often as possible, it could really help us achieve amazing things – thank you so much!

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Welly's Current Location : August 20th, 2017 1:57:24 am

Not far from JFK


Welly's Latest Posts

POST TITLE: Holy Macaroni! Welly’s going up in the world, literally!
POSTED: 14th October 2012
FILED IN: More details of our current dogs, Welly's Blog

Well today is The Day!! I can’t believe that October 14th is here, it’s gone so incredibly fast lately, but that’s what the calendar says!! Rich, Welly and I set sail from Southampton on the QM2 in just a few short hours, on our way to Welly’s new life. First though, yesterday… that was fun! It … Read more…


POST TITLE: 24 hours and counting! And, Welly’s Facebook fans shoot past 500!
POSTED: 13th October 2012
FILED IN: Welly's Blog

Last night we were very excited to hit our target of 500 Facebook fans (or paw pals, as Welly calls them) on our tenth day of the page being up, due in large part to the lovely Kathy Mc Guinness and the admin on the Facebook page: Boycott Belfast until it frees Lennox and addresses its … Read more…


POST TITLE: Tonight written by Welly: Last night with my Walsall buddies
POSTED: 10th October 2012
FILED IN: Welly's Blog

Those of you who know me, will know that I am usually a very jovial fella, but tonight, I am pawsing for reflection on my time with this here bunch of hounds. We have just returned from our last walk together, for tomorrow they go north, to the distant land of MAN-CHESS-TAA, and I will stay … Read more…


POST TITLE: Do you ‘heart’ Welly? Here’s your chance to prove it!
POSTED: 9th October 2012
FILED IN: Welly's Blog

Well, we had such a stunning day today, but it’s killing us all because we can’t mention it yet… we can’t jinx it 😉

We also had some really massive online mentions, which boosted our Facebook figures right up, and brought us a few amazing contacts – again more of that as soon as we can! … Read more…


POST TITLE: Bears on the brain, and finding crawling frogs…
AUTHOR: Richard
POSTED: 8th October 2012
FILED IN: Welly's Blog

Welly is literally the most human-like dog I’ve ever met, he shows his happiness and his grumpiness alike… check out the face, have you ever seen such an expression of ‘will you woofing hurry up and get on with it’ 😉 He’s got his (usually!) favourite bear, Boot, literally on his brain here, I wonder … Read more…


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