Write-up of our Wedding Fair Extraordinaire, 17th April 2016

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Wow. What a day Sunday was, we can definitely say that none of the volunteers involved got bored 😀

After more man hours of work than we could begin to fathom, and some quite ridiculous things happening along the way, especially the day before… snow, mid April?! And our lovely wedding singer Erin being rushed into hospital to give birth by emergency Caesarian section, SIX WEEKS premature! Thankfully both are now doing fine… the day itself actually went fabulously well!
 Volunteers turned up in their droves, almost two dozen in total, some bearing enough food for a small army, when I’d only asked for a few nibbles! All will get their dues in our thank you rollcall, also thanks to the Holiday Inn for letting us use the room next door to the dressing room, otherwise the many models getting changed would have been knee deep in egg sandwiches 😀

We were told it was even busier than the wedding fairs the hotel run themselves, which was a lovely thing to hear, as it was our first attempt at such an event; actually make that our first big event of any kind. The dress auction was interesting to get off the ground, because we had the always going to happen sickness cancellations, plus several of our models ‘may’ have over-indulged the night before, which meant a hurried re-organisation of the running order!
Rosabella York's table 170416Hair and makeup did a fabulous job, our many models – all TWENTY-TWO of them, I nearly died when I counted them up just now! – looked completely gorgeous, as you’ll see in our gallery of photos. Our stall holders all put on the most stunning array of goodies, again these will be listed in a gallery on our thank you list, with their various websites, so you can all go check out their goodies 🙂
The actual dress auction itself was… hmmmm… a little quiet 😀 but our fabulous auctioneer Craig Pullen did a tremendous job entertaining everyone despite many no sales, and let’s just say quite a few of our models now have larger wardrobes than they did before – but the good news is, that means other people can still get their little mitts on some gorgeous gowns! We’ll be promoting the dresses individually over the next couple of weeks, because we now have our photographer Donna’s beautiful photos to help people see all the stunning details.
LED wedding cake standLast but certainly not least, the part all our generous raffle ticket purchasers care about! Our intention was that after the auction, we would draw the raffle, and once the main prizes had all been won by being picked out of the hat, we would have the type of raffle where the wedding-specific items could be individually chosen by people there, and carried off with them, as some are ridiculously large, such as this incredible blinged up 24 inch wedding cake stand, complete with LEDs, because no way are we posting THAT baby out! 😀
This failed miserably, because by the end most of our wedding visitors had left, and it was all of our lovely rescue supporters there – and the prizes wouldn’t have meant much to them. So, a re-think was needed. At the same time, we got so many more wonderful prizes donated than expected, the £1k prize pot turned into a TWO THOUSAND POUND prize fund, with more than thirty amazing prizes, including SEVEN worth over £100, and FOUR holidays/short breaks! How lucky are we?

In all seriousness, with all of this on offer, we do need to sell a few more than a couple of hundred tickets, I’m sure you’ll agree. And we want to end it on a high, at another great MFH team day. So we thought, where better to draw it than at the Greyhound Gap show, coming up the weekend after next, when we can drag a few impartial people in to pick winners for us! We will also be handing over their donation cheque then, for their lovely support towards the wedding fair. The final amount has still to be decided, as our profit from the show isn’t fixed yet, we’re somewhere over the £1k mark now and we will surely see that at least double, if not treble, with the dress sales we will get.

Text givingSo, this all means you now have until lunchtime on Sunday 1st May to bag your raffle tickets, and hopefully win one of the massive list of prizes, which are now all listed here. The very best news is that we can now accept payments for tickets by text woohoo!!! We have a JustGiving textcode of MFHR16, which is sent to 70070 with your donation, but that will all be explained more too – you can see nothing has slowed down since the show!

Craig y nos castleWe also have some more dogs being put up for rehoming shortly, and one little cat! More info about them on our Facebook page. We need to get back to being animal related, rather than wedding show planners, but without funds, we can’t help them, so it’s all necessary. We’ll leave you with this gorgeous photo. All the admin team have their preferred raffle prize, but this holiday at a Welsh castle, where they are so dog friendly you can include your dog in your wedding, has to be my favourite!

One last thank you to all the dozens of people who helped, all told it is well over a hundred. That is a quite incredible number, and no small feat for a little rescue like ours. On Sunday we found out just what fabulous support we truly have, and I couldn’t be more proud of everyone, or more grateful. Much love, Jane xx

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