About Us

My Forever Home Animal Rescue is the realisation of a long-held ambition of Jane Watts to do something really positive towards improving animal welfare, with the eventual aim – not a dream – that one day there will be no need to destroy a healthy animal simply for the lack of money, space or other resource.

It might never have happened though, if Jane hadn’t met two very special girls, Natalie Smith and Roxanne Shuff, on an animal rescue forum early in 2011. Although Jane had owned a variety of dogs and horses since a very young age, “thanks to the nicest parents a girl could ever wish for”, and had been involved with other rescues to different degrees for years, it was only after joining this forum that Jane gained the confidence to embark on this very ambitious project.

Amongst many other hugely supportive people on there were the lovely Nat and Rox. Both of these girls devote much of their time, money and energy to helping animals in need, and Jane just knew that the three of them together could make a real difference.

They have the ambition and belief to change things for the better, the creativity and drive to come up with a multitude of plans to make it happen, and the passion and determination to see it through.

The founders of MFH are all lifelong animal lovers, between them having had the pleasure of sharing their lives with cats, dogs, horses, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, snakes, you name it – even chickens and a couple of quails!

They all detest the way dogs are dumped because their owners, obviously not heeding the ‘a dog is for life’ message, can’t be bothered to look after them any more so turn them loose the day before they go off on holiday. Cats are left unneutered so they breed until they overrun the place, then get thrown out to fend for themselves. Every day up and down the country, animals in their dozens are being put to sleep, innocent victims of money-grabbing breeders and our throw-away society.

Animal rescues are forever full to bursting point; for every lovely new home they find, another 5 animals could take their place. If only people would stop and think before using the free ads or going online to buy that cute kitten or puppy, who could have any number of unseen illnesses. Jane, Rox and Nat all beg you to please consider going to your nearest rescue instead, and if you don’t know of one, contact MFH and get a whole list sent to you! If you would like a particular breed, or even a young animal despite knowing the extra work they will be, if you are truly prepared to be there for the rest of their lives, that’s fine:

They are all available out there, and for a fraction of the cost some puppy farmer will charge. Please – never, ever buy from the free ads!

All at My Forever Home would like to help change the way animals are seen by some as an easy way to make a few pounds, or as just worthless insignificant beasts. We all look forward to living in a society that comes to appreciate their animals; for their beauty, their nobility, and their boundless, quietly undemanding love.

Below, the girls give a more personal account of their thoughts about their animals:




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